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A festival handbook for you

Read the handbook before the 15th of August and get important information about this year's festival! :)

Frequently asked questions

Is the Fadderfestival also for master students?

The week is for everyone starting on a new study program, so if you are starting on your master program this year, you are more than welcome to join! :)

Those who are a bit older, do they typically join?

Absolutely! Participants of all ages are at the festival:) Especially this year where we have a program that covers so many different areas of interest! We also have several events where it is possible to bring children if desired :)

What does it cost to join?

The festival ticket costs NOK 450 this year and includes absolutely everything in our program with the exception of the student organizations' day on Wednesday. Then the income goes to them, and it provides activities for students all year round :) When you're not used to the Norwegian prices this might seem like a lot, but you will soon enough learn that this is extremely cheap for everything you're getting in your ticket - thanks to our partners and sponsors:)

Why am I getting a T-shirt?

The T-shirt you recieve is your entrance ticket for the whole week. By wearing the T-shirt, you can enter all the events in the programme. You must therefore wear it the whole week at all events (with the exception of the theme parties on Wednesday), and then it is also easy to see who around you are new students and are taking part in the festival! :)

How and when do I get the T-shirt?

When you meet your "fadders" on Monday you will go together in a group to get your T-shirts :) You will pay the ticket price when you get your T-shirt.

What kind of fadder group will I be part of?

If you are a master student, you will be part of a group with others you will do your masters with. If you are an Erasmus + students, you will either be part of a group with others you will have classes with or with other international students, depending on what kind of classes you have chosen :) NORINT will be in groups with other NORINT-students and international students. We guarantee you many new friends during the week! <3 You will be contacted by your fadder before you meet up Monday 15th.

Can I participate in the festival even if I am not new to UiS or is starting on a new study programme?

Unfortunately! The fadder festival is to get to know those you will study with, UiS and the city:) Current students can be fadders and welcome the new ones in a good way, but registration for this year is unfortunately closed. Hope to see you next year as fadders!

Do you have to register for the Fadderfestival to participate?

Everyone must sign up :) Preferably as soon as possible, then you will be assigned to your group faster!:) You can sign up here.

When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline doesn't expire until the festival is over, but the sooner you sign up, the sooner you get a group and will be contacted :)

How do I register for the events in the program?

Each event states how to register - registration only takes place after the festival has started, so the fadders can also explain more when you meet if you have any questions! :) In the festival handbook linked to above, there is also a separate subsection called "Registration".

How do I get to UiS?

We recommend traveling by public transport with Kolumbus. They have both electric bikes, bus, train and boat included in the ticket:) Together with Kolumbus, we have provided a free week long ticket for all students! Download the "Kolumbus billett" app. You receive a link on your mobile in a text message from Kolumbus, and when you click on it, your ticket opens in the app. Activate it whenever you want. "Kolumbus sanntid" can be used to find itineraries and departure times :) Read more in the festival handbook above.

Where will I meet my faddergroup for the first time?

You will meet your faddergroup at UiS campus Ullandhaug on Monday :) Your fadders will send you a message telling you exactly where. Feel free to download the app "MazeMap" to find places at UiS more easily.

Do you have anymore questions?

Take a look in the festival handbook. ISU can also help you with questions about being an international student.