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Groundbreaking for the students' main living room: The SiS building

Wednesday 8 March started the next chapter for Stavanger as a student city. SiS took the first sod for the welfare building for the region's students.

- It is a great day to mark the first sod for the Welfare Building. I am cheering for the development of the campus at Ullandhaug, and at the Students' Association in Stavanger, which is constantly taking new steps to improve the offer for students. This is a big and important step in the right direction for an even better student environment in the Stavanger region, says county mayor Marianne Chesak.

The welfare building will be the very heart of SiS, but it must be the students who make it tick. In the building you will find all of SiS's current services - in addition to a newly created dental service - but also a pub, a stage, opportunities for events and activities almost around the clock, and premises for student organizations and line associations.

The welfare building will be the physical framework around an inclusive and social community for all students in the region. Something that is probably as important as the syllabus

- Our students will not only study in the region, they will also live here and have good everyday lives. For over 50 years, SiS has made a huge effort for the students, and it is good that all the services are now gathered under one roof, while new and inclusive meeting places are being created. In this way, Stavanger will become even better and a more attractive student city, says mayor of Stavanger, Kari Nessa Nordtun.

And since this is the students' main living room on the UiS campus, it is only natural that it is the students themselves who take the first sod - represented by head of the Student Organization at UiS (StOr), Sara Bianca Beitz.

– For several years, StOr has worked for a better welfare offer and frameworks that facilitate student involvement. We believe that the Welfare Building will be a big boost for students in the region. SiS has now facilitated a long-awaited development, and we hope that more people will seize the opportunity and join this venture. We are very much looking forward to moving in.