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Short-term therapy

Here you may apply for short-term therapy with our concellors. You start by filling in a survey, and you will be contacted by our therapists to settle the first consultation.

As an alternative to our own services on mental health, you may contact AAT, Ambulatory Emergency Team, who offer services to students. They are in a position to refer you further to the public health services for mental health issues. You may contact AAT by telephone on 91 65 10 05 to book your appointment. A deductible at AAT will be reimbursed by SiS - please send your receipt on this form.

SiS offer treatment of mild mental disorders. We can help you deal with study-related and inter-personal challenges, and different life crises. The treatment is of limited duration. The goal of the treatment is to give you a good foundation, to make you more fit to deal with the challenges you face.

The councelling must be seen as a cooperation between student and therapist. We expect you to show up on time, and that you are also ready to work with your problems outside of our appointments. We want you to participate in one of our courses as a supplement or a replacement of individual councelling.

If you want to use the treatment offer, you first have to fill out a mapping form. Use Bank-ID to log in. When you are done with the mapping, we will send you a confirmation that we have received your application.

When you contact us in SiS health, you simultaneously comply with us sending you information about your appointments via SMS and e-mail.

If your condition worsens while you are waiting for your appointment, we recommend you contact your GP, acute ambulant team, or the psychiatric nurse at the emergency room.

Apply for short- term therapy

Fill in the survey

Apply for short- term therapy via form

Use this form if you do not have a Norwegian bank ID. Deliver it to the receptionists in Kitty Kielland's house (Rennebergstien 30)