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Moving in

You will get a notification when the time for moving in is close after you have signed the rental contract.

We will contact you after you signed your contract. We will then give you information about keys, opening hours, and other relevant circumstances. Note that we expand our opening hours during the semester start.

Housing takeover

You can claim your housing at 12 PM the day of moving in. You will find your keys in the SiS-reception in Kitty Kiellands building at UiS. Remember to bring your certificate of admission or the receipt for the paid semester fee.

Housing rent

SiS housing does not have a deposit. The first rent has due after moving in, and the invoice can be retrieved from the My page in the Housing portal at the beginning of every month. Note that in august and January, the invoice can arrive later. The invoice has due on the 20th of every month.


The furniture will vary from housing to housing. Check your housing on the application portal Uni Alltid.


It is not allowed with animals in SiS housing.


You must get housing insurance yourself. SiS has only insurance for the properties.


The internet is free in every housing. All you need is a wireless router or a network cable that can be bought at the SiS bookstore.

Financial support

If you have children, you can apply for financial support in Husbanken.