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Agreement with terms of membership at SiS sports center

1. Membership

All inquiries regarding the membership have to happen in writing to this email address:

Membership at Sis sports center is personal and can not be transferred or in other ways used by a third party. In the terms, the parties are defined as the SiS sports center and the member. The terms are a part of the membership deal and will, together with the sign-up procedure, be the membership deal. there are separate terms for the climbing wall and childcare. SiS sports center has their own rules regarding well-being which has to be followed.

Memberships in SiS can be signed by persons with general good health. the age limit for members is set to the year one turns 16 unless special permission for an exception is made. Identification has to be shown. Identification has to be shown. Persons below the age of majority (18) can sign a membership deal with SiS if that person's legal guardians sign the deal on their behalf.

By signing the membership deal the member confirms that they are physically and mentally capable of using the facilities in a responsible and health-promoting way.

1b. Special measures during pandemic

REGARDING PAYMENT: SiS sports center will not charge customers for closed days during the pandemic. You might be charged the first month after closure, but this will be settled next month day by day. No SiS member should lose money because SiS has to close during the pandemic.

REGARDING INFECTION CONTROL: The member commits themselves to following the national, municipal, and center rules. SiS sports center uses the trade association Virke and the government's guide for infection control, where self-effort from the member is required in connection with training. If the member does not follow these rules and continues to not follow the rules after a reprimand, the contract can be terminated from SiS sports center.

2. Anti-doping

SiS sports center is a member of the clean center under the auspices of Antidoping Norge. In addition to being very dangerous to the user, doping is also illegal both for sale and use.

With this agreement, the Member undertakes to act in accordance with the center's interests and purpose with regard to being a drug- and doping-free environment. If there is a suspicion of the use of doping substances from the doping list, you accept by signing this agreement that SiS sports center in collaboration with Antidoping Norge or the police carries out control of possible doping use. In the event of a positive doping test, your membership will terminate with immediate effect. You will not be refunded any part of the paid membership fee.

3. Personal Information

The data processing manager is SiS Sports center by the director.

Why do we need to store data?

SiS sports center collects personal information to maintain the membership at SiS sports center. SiS sports center needs to be able to identify the member upon access to the center. SiS sports center also in some cases needs to get in touch with members to inform them about issues around the membership, opening hours, and products that SiS sports center delivers, for example, news.

What do we need to store?

The member agrees that SiS sports center registers and stores non-sensitive information about the customer. The information that gets stored is; name, address, e-mail, telephone number, photo, use of the center, and payment information. This information is stored to safeguard the member's and SiS sports centers' administration of the member's interests. The information can be used to send out information about changes to the membership, and practical information. For example. change of opening hours, new products at SiS sports center, change of hours, and the like. A photo of a customer will not under any circumstances be used for anything other than the identification of the member during access control.

SiS sports center saves the training history of each individual member. The history is used by SiS sports center in consultation with the member if the member wants to use this for their training diary or further development. SiS sports center will use anonymized training data and demographic personal data to capture trends and developments that can make SiS sports center's product better. SiS sports center will always anonymize user data for statistical purposes.

Who processes your data?

Only employees who work at SiS sports center have access to your personal data, and only in connection with access control, payment, or maintenance of the membership. Employees at SiS sports center log on to the system with their own code.

The following systems are used to process your data:

1. Exceline: Member register with registration data and payment history.

2. Ibooking: Booking of group lessons, sending text messages and emails related to group lessons.

3. Remind AS: only if debt collection services where the member is involved should be necessary.

4. Windows 365 for email and the like. Own secure server.

Both systems are located on a secure server: Redpill Linpro AS in Nydalen. SiS sports center has a data processing agreement with Exceline, Ibooking.

Access from the member:

The member has the right to access their training history and can request that it be deleted. SiS sports center will delete this from the member's profile as soon as possible and within a week. If you want deletion, send an e-mail to and the deletion must be confirmed via email by SiS sports center.


SiS sports center only delivers data to data processors with a data processing agreement. The exception is where the legislation requires extradition. For example, the Accounting Act, in connection with insurance cases or in connection with the collection of payments. SiS sports center will not publish member data to social media, such as Facebook or Instagram for processing by them.

Information for the member and marketing:

Upon entering into the Membership Agreement, consent is obtained from the Member that SiS sports center can use any form of communication to the Member, including electronic communication (SMS, MMS, e-mail, etc.), to inform about and/or market its offer, according to § 15 of the Marketing Act. The member may withdraw his consent at any time. Marketing activities based on this consent can be managed by the member himself via "My pages" on the website. The member may not reserve themselves against mailings concerning changes to the membership terms or changes to the membership agreement.

SiS sports center will not publish member data on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram for further processing by them. If the member follows the SiS sports center on Facebook or Instagram, the member must expect that they will receive information and marketing through these channels. If the member does not want this information or wants to cancel updates, it is done through settings in these applications. SiS sports center will not use social media to market and inform about other than its own and partners' products.

SiS sports center automatically deletes all member data within the deadlines that apply, in the Accounting Act's requirements for documentation. And the requirements that apply within the rules of the GDPR directive.

Camera surveillance:

SiS sports center has camera surveillance in parts of the building. The monitoring goes to a closed system where only the director and deputy have the opportunity to log on to the system. SiS sports center has its own written routine for login. Login on the camera system should only be done if there is a suspicion of a criminal act. The police get access to the system in case of suspicion of criminal acts and in the event of a written request for access.

4. What does the membership cover

Membership in SiS sports center gives free access to the entire center and all the center's products where you do not need training. Squash is exempt and has its own prices. Personal training/guidance or courses are paid at current prices, and mainly at a favorable membership price. All or parts of the center can be closed for shorter periods in connection with events and the like which interact with the center's main target group.

5. Cash membership - phased out from 2022.

In the case of a small number of our memberships, we allow cash advance payment for the entire training period. For prepaid membership, the full amount is paid for the selected period in a transaction upon registration. The member pays a membership fee regardless of the amount of training. No price adjustment is made during the term of the cash membership and the agreement cannot be terminated by the member within the prepaid period. Prepayments are non-refundable.

6. Direct debit 12 months lock-in period for all types of contracts and prices

The contract is valid for a minimum of 12 months and runs after the lock-in period until the termination notice is sent by email to SiS sports center. When the lock-in period has expired, the first month from receipt of notice applies and an installment may fall due during the notice period. All terminations must be sent to

7. Contractual giro without binding period minimum 2 months all contract types and prices

The contract applies to the number of months the customer wants, but in practice, it means 2 months due to the cancellation rules. And runs after the lock-in period until the termination notice is sent by email to SiS sports center. When the lock-in period has expired, the first month from receipt of notice applies and an installment may fall due during the notice period. All terminations must be sent to

8. One month agreements

Paid upon registration and applies immediately from the date purchased to the date in the next month. No cancellation is required.

9.Terms of payment direct debit

SiS uses AvtaleGiro (direct debit) as a fixed form of payment. AvtaleGiro is a service for automatic payment of fixed bills. The bank ensures that the bills are paid directly from your account on the set due date. To be able to access AvtaleGiro, you must have a Norwegian bank account and be 18 years of age or older. It is the member's responsibility to establish a power of attorney on AvtaleGiro, as this is an agreement between the member and the member's bank. It is the member's responsibility that the AvtaleGiro power of attorney is in order at all times. Cancellation of AvtaleGiro does not affect the member's payment obligations, and does not count as termination of membership. The AvtaleGiro agreement must always be active before the 2nd of each month for monthly payments to proceed as normal without additional fees.

In cases where direct debit does not become active until the 2nd of the month after registration, the amount can be paid at the checkout at the center. After the establishment of AvtaleGiro, the agreed monthly amount will be deducted from the member's account on the 15th of each month. Payment of installments shall be made at the agreed time. In the event of non-payment after the due date, the claim is sent to a third party for collection. Additional costs will then be incurred.

When signing up for SiS, the membership fee is paid for the entire current month. Unused days from before the registration date are moved to the end of the membership, in addition to one (1) month's notice period.

Example: Registration date 08.07, termination is registered during October, last payment will be 15.11 for the entire month of November, and the member will have access to Kraft's facilities until 08.12. The days in December are added to the membership due to the unused days it was paid for when registering in July. Use the same example as in the registration form.

8. Especially for discounted deals

In the case of discounted contract giros and student price/company price, the entitlement to a discount is checked 1 or 2 times per year. If the member is still entitled to a discount, documentation of paid semester fee, employee card, or other necessary documentation must be submitted.

9.Temporary suspension of contract - "freeze"

"Freeze" means a temporary suspension of the contract and payment for a limited period. Freezes are only granted for those agreements that involve a 12-month lock-in period. The following applies to these agreements:

  • the membership can be frozen for one (1) month per calendar year without any requirement for documentation.
  • freezing beyond one (1) month requires documentation, and can only be carried out when the absence is due to the following:
    • illness/injury, documented with a note from a doctor
    • pregnancy, documented with a note from a doctor
    • posted in connection with work, military, or out-of-town/foreign studies, documented from a place of work, military, or place of study
  • Membership can be frozen for a period of a minimum of one (1) month and a maximum of twelve (12) consecutive months
  • For cases where the binding period has not been completed, this is extended by the same number of days as the freezing period. Application for freezing must be made by email to No later than 30 days before the withdrawal date. Stop of direct debit/withdrawal directly in online banking is registered as non-payment and breach of contract
  • Freezing of membership is not done retroactively
  • After the expiration of the freezing period, the membership continues with the conditions on which the agreement is based
  • In the event of termination during the freezing period, one (1) month notice period applies after the end of the freezing period, if there is no lock-in period. If there is a lock-in period, this must be completed before any termination can take effect. Exceptions to canceling the lock-in period are when moving 50 km or longer from the SiS sports center, or in the event of an acute/serious illness. Documentation must be presented in these cases.

10. The membership price can be adjusted annually and with a reasonable deadline for the member.

11. SiS sports center has normally reduced opening hours and group training schedule on public holidays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, and mid-June to mid/late August. On May 17, the SiS sports center closed.

12. Health

The member is responsible for being medically fit to use the center. If the SiS sports center sees obvious reasons why the training is harmful to the member, the center will request a conversation with the aim of helping the member to correct any training behavior.

13. Well-being

The member undertakes to follow the instructions and rules laid down by the SiS sports center with regard to hygiene, behavior, and general well-being.

Including singlet bans in some departments. See separate postings. Violation of the rules can lead to the revocation of a membership card.

14. Climbing wall and lead/top-rope card

The user of the climbing wall outside organized activity under the auspices of SiS sports center undertake to have a valid Brattkort (lead/top-rope card). The user undertakes to follow the references and guidelines that apply to the wall at all times. SiS sports center regularly holds Brattkort courses, these are not included in the membership price.

15. Responsibility

SiS sports center is not responsible for personal injuries and loss of or damage to personal property. Members are encouraged to lock all belongings in lockers in the wardrobe with their own padlock. The use of wardrobes is only in connection with training. Any occupied cabinets are emptied after closing time.