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Climbing and Bouldering

The climbing wall at SiS sports center is 14 meters tall and consists of both vertical and overhanging parts. The routes vary in difficulty levels, from relatively easy to very demanding. Our regular route creators make new paths so that you'll always get new challenges at the wall. All the paths are equipped for lead climbing, and there are top-ropes on most of the paths. we also offer several auto belays.

The bouldering wall is about 130 square meters and has "bouldering problems" and angles of all difficulty levels. Both holds and routes are changed every week so that you'll always get fresh challenges when you train bouldering with us!

You don't need lead/top-rope certification to do bouldering, and every Thursday between 17.30 and 20.30 there is an instructor at the wall who will find bouldering problems specifically for you. This is an offer for both beginners and experts who might need some advice and tips to improve. Emphasis will be placed on creating a motivating and good training environment.

We organize brattkort (lead/top-rope climbing certification) classes!

The Brattkort class lasts for a two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday, ca 08.00-15.00). During this class, you will learn everything you need to get the certification, as well as how to climb with both lead and top-rope.

We are open to drop-ins every day, throughout the opening hours.

We are open for guests every day, until 15.00. This includes weekends. You have to be out of the building at 15.00