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Climbing and Bouldering

The climbing wall at SiS sports center is 14 meters tall. The routes vary in difficulty levels and new routes are created weekly. We offer both top rope, led and more.

You don't need lead/top-rope certification to do bouldering, and every Thursday between 17.30 and 20.30 there is an instructor at the wall who will find bouldering problems specifically for you. This is an offer for both beginners and experts who might need some advice and tips to improve. Emphasis will be placed on creating a motivating and good training environment.

Climbing guards

There are climbing guards present Monday-Friday, at 16.30-20.30. Climbing guards are available for questions, and ensure safety and order in the climbing area.


If you have taken part in a climbing course, or are an experienced climber without a brattkort (lead/top rope card), you can take the brattkort test with us. The test can be done via the climbing guard on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, at 16.30-19.00. You do not have to pre-book the brattkort test, but you must bring a climbing partner. If you have taken part in a brattkort class with us, the brattkort test is free. For others, it costs 150,- and you pay at the reception on arrival. Drop-in comes in addition to the battkort test (175,- for non-students/110,- for students).

We organize brattkort (lead/top-rope climbing certification) classes!

The Brattkort class lasts for a two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday, ca 08.00-15.00). During this class, you will learn everything you need to get the certification, as well as how to climb with both lead and top-rope.

We are open to drop-ins every day, throughout the opening hours.

We are open for dropin every day, all opening hours.
Price student: 110,-
Price non-student: 175,-
Dropin is bought at the reception, and gives access to the center once during opening hours

Guest training:
If you are a student and a member of another student training center in Norway, you can guest train with us for free. The guest training is open every day until 15:00. You register at the reception on arrival, and must be out by 15:00.