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Personal Trainer and Workout Counselor

Personal trainer - packages
SiS sports center cooperates with competent personal trainers from PT Gruppen. A personal trainer helps you to create goals and to reach these through a thoroughly planned and tailored package. with a personal trainer, you'll get close follow-up, great motivation, and structure of your workouts. For prices, more information, and a free consultation, please fill out this contact form.

Workout Counselor - one time

A workout counselor will give you a general introduction to the correct use of equipment, mainly in the strength room. This offer is perfect for you if you don't have a lot of knowledge or experience with equipment or techniques, and want a quick introduction to these. You will get a useful general workout program during the consultation so that you can work out on your own next time.

The workout consultation differs from the personal training by just giving you a general introduction to the equipment and not a detailed plan and follow-up to reach the set goals.

You can only utilize the workout consultation once. if you want a closer and more detailed follow-up you should use a personal trainer.

Max pulse-test
You can do a max pulse test during a workout consultation. if so you have to give notice when booking the consultation. you bring your own equipment for this.

Book Personal Trainer

Book a non-binding free consultation with a personal trainer from PT Gruppen

Book Workout Counseling

A Workout counseling lasts for up to 45 mins., costs kr. 150,- and has to be paid at the front desk upon arrival. Workout counseling can be booked at the front desk or via email.