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Squash is an indoor racket sport, usually played by two players on an indoor court. Equipment-wise you only need a standard racket and a small, hollow rubber ball. Squash is counted as a very physically demanding sport that helps improve endurance, quickness, physical form, and bodily control.

Want to play squash?

SiS sports center has 2 courts at disposal from early morning to late at night. If you want to make sure you get a court you should book it beforehand. If you're not a member you have to call the front desk to book a court.

Want to book a court?

Members can easily book a squash court on their own. Non-members have to call the front desk.

Do you need equipment?

You can rent equipment at the front desk. We offer:
Rackets for kr 25,- a piece.
Balls for kr 60,- a piece.

Track rental:
Student: NOK 25 per half an hour
Non-student: NOK 50 per half an hour

If you are not a member, the dropin will also include:
Student: NOK 110
Ordinary: NOK 175