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Construction work on campus – how it will affect you

Between Christmas and New Year's 2022/23, extensive construction work will begin on the west side of UiS' campus, in collaboration between SiS, UiS, Statsbygg and Stavanger municipality. The water and drainage system is being upgraded to prepare for the construction of "Velferdsbygget" (The Welfare Building) and future student accommodation on campus.

A project of this size naturally takes up space, and the campus will be scarred by construction work for a few years to come, until the dust settles at the end of 2024.

On this page you can read about what happens when, and the consequences it has for life on campus, parking spaces, water, drainage and everything else.

Scroll down to the timeline and stay updated!

What happens when? Click on the timeline to read more. The timeline will be updated as the project advances.