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The Housing Application Process

  • Before April 20.

    Find your Housing

    Choose and prioritize your 3 wishes for housing in our application portal.

  • April 20.

    Send your Application

    Send your application before April 20. for the best chance of being assigned housing.

  • April 20. - July 22.


    The wait for answers regarding the allotment of housing varies. First-year students will receive answers first.

  • 7 Days After Allocation

    Sign your Contract

    You have 7 days to accept and sign the contract after being allocated housing.

  • August 1.

    Moving In

    Your contract starts on August 1. and you can move in.

Apply for housing

Find the housing you want and send an application to our portal

Who can apply

Can my partner live with me?
Can I rent only for a short period?


Here you can find information about deadlines regarding applications

My application

How to register my application?
Do I need to upload a document?


Who is prioritized allocation of which homes?


When do I receive the contract and where where can I find it?

Waiting list

I am on the waiting list, what happens next?

Moving in

When can I move in?
What do I need to remember?

Renew application

Why renew application?