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Residential areas near BI

BI Campus Stavanger is part of the business area Byfjordparken - right by the fjord and just under two kilometres from the city centre. Here you will find the closest SiS student housing in relation to the BI campus.

Go here to see all the residential areas where SiS has student housing.

Apply for Housing

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Local Area

Here you will find green parks, hiking opportunities and a large sports park nearby. If you live in Kampen or Bjergsted, you only have a short walk to Stavanger city center.

For students at BI, Noroff, Vocational School or UiS 'Faculty of Performing Arts, Kampen and Bjergsted have an excellent location, with a short way to school.

SiS has student housing both at Bjergsted and Kampen at Misjonsmarka 7.

How far is this from BI?


6 min. by bike, 8 min. by bus

Misjonsmarka 7

10 min. by bike, 20 min. by bus