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Group Classes

We have the most diverse group class schedule in the region. With over 90 classes a week, we have something for everyone.

Your membership fee covers unlimited group classes. We recommend that you pre-book in the bookingcalendar to secure a spot. Classes can be booked 5 days beforehand. Remember to read the bookingrules

See all group classes and book a spot here!

Spinning is stationary indoor cycling which gives a great workout effect for everyone - regardless of physical condition. Spinning is gentle on the joints and the risk of joint damage is therefore low. You decide both the pace and the resistance on the wheel. All spinning classes happen in our spinning room.

See upcoming spinning classesSee upcoming spinning classes

Booking rules

  • New classes

    We post new classes at 12:00 five days before they occur.

  • Booking

    You can book a spot in a class until 15 minutes before the class starts.

  • Waiting list

    You can sign up for a waiting list if the class is fully booked. you will receive a text if you receive a spot.

  • Class note

    You have to collect a class note 15 min before the class starts to keep your spot in the queue.

  • «no show»

    If you have received a spot you have to collect a class note at least 5 minutes before class starts to not get a "no show" note.

  • Cancellation

    Cancellations have to happen at least three hours before class starts to avoid a "no show" note.

  • Banning

    Three or more "no show" notes during 30 days will cause you to get banned for a month, counting from the first note.

  • My bookings

    You can check how many "no show" notes under My activities.