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"I am worried"

Sometimes we think about all the bad things that can go wrong, and that is completely normal. At times these thoughts are overbearing and can become a restriction on our quality of life, due to constantly worrying about the same thoughts.

These constant occurring heavy thoughts can make you restless, tense, tired, and discouraged, it can also lead to difficulty falling asleep. The thoughts have then become an energy thief.

It can be smart to reduce the time you spend on heavy thoughts if this is something you recognize in yourself.

We have customized some measures that you as a student can seek out for free, that can help control the heavy thoughts. You should not carry these problems alone, we are here for you.

Start with some good advice!

How to cope with worrying

It is natural to worry, however, if this becomes overwhealming, it can become tiresome. "Studenter spør" (students ask) has some advice on how to easier control worrying.

Maybe having some tools will help?

Strategies against overthinking

Psychologist Magnus Nordmo gives some advice on how to reduce overthinking

Self-help against cathastrophic thinking

Psychologist Magnus Nordmo gives some tips on how to deal with cathastrophic thinking

How to cope with worrying

Assisted self-help is a tool which contain exercises, tasks and information to deal with worries. It is free for students.

Deal with worries - together with others!


Here you can find courses strengthening your mental health, and thereby help you worry less.
For example - by being physically active you will strengthen your mental health and be better suited in your everyday as a student.

Group counseling

We offer conversational therapy in groups and psychoeducational groups.

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to

Studenttelefonen (Student-phone-line)

It’s a free, anonymous and countrywide low-threshold offer for all students in Norway.
Opening hours from 04:00pm-06:00am every day.

Sometimes being in the same room can help

Book drop-in councelling session

We adapt the location/channel to your preference

Is this something that’s been going on for awhile?

Short-term therapy

We offer treatment of mild mental disorders