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«Feeling lonely»

It can take some time before all the pieces fall into place after moving from one place to another. This existence can feel lonely for some.

We can also feel lonely even though there are people around us. This applies to student life as well, where the cafeteria, reading room, and common areas often swarm with fellow students.

One might recognize people, and perhaps we greet them from time to time. One may have many friends on Facebook, but there are few of them we dine with. The personal contact is missing. We are lonely, even though we are not alone. Surveys answered by students report that loneliness is one of the greatest mental health issues among students.

We have tailor-made advice and offers that are free for students, which you can look into. You are not supposed to deal with difficult situations on your own. We are here for you.

Start with some good advice!

Some advice against loneliness

In our guidance "A good University experience", you can find some good advice.

Deal with loneliness - together with others

Are you lonely on a new campus?

"Students ask" has some advice if you feel lonely or if you feel you are about to. The service is delivered by SiO.

Courses that can help you cope with loneliness

We have courses where you meet others and experience fellowship.
Loneliness isn’t t necessarily about whether you’re alone or not, it’s about how you handle it.
We offer courses that can give you the tools you need to feel less lonely!

Group counselling

We offer counseling in groups and psychoeducational groups.

Maybe having some tools will help?

Assisted self-help

The tools contains engaging content, exercises and tasks available to you.

Sometimes we just need to talk to someone

Studenttelefonen (Student-phone-line)

It’s a free, anonymous and countrywide low-threshold offer for all students in Norway.
Opening hours from 04:00pm-06:00am every day.

Sometimes beeing in the same room can help

Book drop-in councelling session

We adapt the location/channel to your preference

Book short-term therapy

Some times, you know you need more than just one session.