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«I feel down»

During the time as a student it is common to feel down and sad at times. However if this lasts over an extended period of time, it’s important to do something about it to have a better everyday.

Sometimes it can help reading about other students dealing with the same problems, or talking to someone about it, whether this is done through text, audio of face to face.

Here we’ve got more information that can help you understand what you’re going through and different tools to help handle difficult emotions.

We are here for you if you need anyone to talk to.

Start out by reading some for yourself

Physical activity

Being physically active can reduce symptoms of depression and feeling down.

"Students ask"

At "students ask" you can ask anonymous questions and get answers from SiO Health professionals including: psychologists, advisors, doctors, physiotherapists, dentists and healthcare nurses. You also get to read other students questions, that may be relevant to you.

Maybe having some tools will help?

Coping with depression

This online-based mastering-tool aimed at depression contains drills, tasks and information from treatments used by psychologists treating depression. The tool is based on the recognized method cognitive therapy.

Self-help against depression (video)

In this self-help series psychologist Magnus Nordmo takes you through different ways of mastering dark thoughts.

Deal with feeling down - together with others!


We have different mastering-courses, where you can become aware of your own negative ways of thinking, and learn how you can change them.

Group counseling

We offer conversational therapy in groups and psychoeducational groups.

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to

Studenttelefonen (Student-phone-line)

It’s a free, anonymous and countrywide low-threshold offer for all students in Norway.
Opening hours from 04:00pm-06:00am every day.

Video-call with a psychologist

Here you can book a free video-call with a psychologist

Sometimes being in the same room can help

Book drop-in councelling session

We adapt the location/channel to your preference

Is this something that’s been going on for awhile?

Short-term therapy

We offer treatment of mild mental disorders